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Golden Girls Estate Sales

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80927, United States

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Full Service Estate Sale

We  are a full service asset liquidation company. We will execute the operation of your sale from start to finish Including appraising, pricing, staging, managing, and can coordinate additional services. We would love to talk to you about your interest. 

Coming Sales

We look forward to seeing you all at our next sales event! We are holding one sale in  the coming weekend!  Look for our ad  on EstateSales.net.  


Jamie  Lamphear  review..

The  Golden  Girls  recently  took  on  the  task  of  assisting  me  with  liquidating  an  estate.  I  couldn’t  have  been  more  impressed  with  their  professionalism,  honesty,  integrity,  and  downright friendlines.  They  immediately  immersed  themselves  in  the  prep  work  and  execution  of  the  three  day  sale.  They  even  took  the  time  afterwards  to  clean  up  and  organize  what  didnt  sell.  They  were  simply  INCREDIBLE.  I  would  recommend them  over  any  others  hands  down!

Tim  Newell...Patti, Jeff, and the rest of the Golden Girls Estate Sales team handled the sale of my cousin's estate with a level of honesty, compassion, and integrity that I haven't seen in a very long time. Unfortunately, those are rare attributes in this day and age. Upon my cousin's death, I started to feel as though everyone I dealt with in the process of clearing up the estate had an ulterior motive. When someone dies, people come out of the woodwork to lie, cheat, and steal from you while you are off balance from your grief. Couple that with the sheer magnitude of settling an estate, it can be a suffocating experience. I was at a loss as to how to liquidate my cousin's property so that I could move onto the process of selling the house. Initially, I thought I could handle the estate sale myself, but it soon became apparent that I was out of my element and I needed help from an estate sale company. I normally don't post reviews, but I do look at them and the Better Business Bureau website. I thought I would post a review and help someone that is looking for the same help that I was looking for just a short time ago (April 2019). I combed through several estate sale companies, and I found Golden Girls Estate Sales. After looking at the reviews, I knew that I would have to meet them. Upon meeting Patti and Jeff, I knew that they were honest and I felt that I could trust them. There was no pressure, no hidden fees, and they were always concerned with my input. Patti and Jeff worked very hard for several weeks as the estate was large with horse equipment and multiple vehicles. The estate sale was an amazing success, with one large hiccup. It turns out that one of the vehicles that sold during the estate sale had a lien on it that nobody (including me, the guy with the title in hand) noticed. Once again, Patti and Jeff showed their integrity as together, we refunded the truck. After the sale is over, the Golden Girls Estate Sales service doesn't end. Jeff did several hours of research to help me work through the process of lifting an out of state lien. We are still working through the process, but I am fully confident that it will be resolved soon. Long story short, if you are looking for an estate sale company, you've got to meet Patti, Jeff, and their team. They treated me like family and I am proud to say that I made two amazing friends out of a tragic situation. Tim and Kathy N. Colorado Springs, CO